Since when did suggested price suddenly become a firm price? 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 6:52:00 PM

I'm on the lookout for a couple of antenna mounts to fit some antennas to my four wheel drive.  So, I thought that it would be a good idea to place a wanted advertisement on a popular Australia site that caters for amateurs,

The first responder, a VK2 was an absolute delight to deal with.  Within a couple of hours a deal was done and the first mount was sorted out, payment made and such.  

The second response came from a VK5 who had a used version of the other mount I am seeking.  He had suggested a price of $30 including shipping.  In reply, I noted to him that I had purchased the other mount, as new-old stock (NOS) and asked would he be willing to match the price of that deal, at $26 including postage.  In my books, this seemed a reasonable proposition - the VK5's mount was used (but supposedly in good condition) compared against a NOS item.  I'm certainly not expecting it to be sold for $1, but his price was a little high considering it was used.

In response to my offer the VK5 informed me that it was his "policy" to state a price and to stick by it.  Err, hang on a moment - your "policy"?  I don't remember you stating this when you sent through your original email.   Furthermore you used the word "suggested".  In my books that means "a starting point", a figure at which to begin negotiation.  What you may consider a fair price is, maybe, just maybe not fair to me.  Hence we negotiate!

Now, to be fair, if the original email had included this policy or stated "$30 firm", then so be it. But I am sorry - I didn't receive a copy of your "policy" with your initial offer and you stated "a suggested price of $30".

I've had a reasonable run with dealing with people on VKClassifieds as well as some other similar sites in the UK.  In fact, pretty much most people I have dealt with have ended in a successful transaction.  Shame about this one...




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