VK3GYH regular radio schedules

This page details all regular radio schedules for VK3GYH and common monitoring frequencies.  Schedules include regular nets as well as specific monitoring of listed frequencies at the specified times.

Home QTH

Regular nets
  • 3.565MHz LSB: Local, informal, get-together net of an evening.  Net starts around 1930 hours LOCAL and runs for about one hour.
Commonly monitored frequencies
  • 439.375MHz FM: VK3RMC local 70 centimeter repeater.
  • 147.325MHz FM: VK3RMC local 2 meter repeater.
  • 147.250MHz FM: VK3RMM local 2 meter repeater.
  • 28.490MHz USB: Regularly monitored during daylight hours

When Traveling

Commonly monitored frequencies
  • 147.250MHz FM: VK3RMM local 2 meter repeater.
  • 147.325MHz FM: VK3RMC local 2 meter repeater.
  • 439.875MHz FM: VK3RMC local 70 centimeter repeater.
Regular schedule
  • 3.565MHz and 7.137MHz LSB: Whilst traveling for extended periods (touring, camping, etc.) I will be actively monitoring these frequencies from 1920 through 1930 hours (AEST/AEDST) for any communications traffic.  If a frequency is busy, I will tend to listen a little longer in case there is any traffic for me.

Last updated 10/05/2019