And the yagi is back down again 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016 11:29:00 AM

How time flies -  We are moving in five days.  The decommissioning of VK3GYH at the current QTH is in progress ready for the relocation.  Last night the HF yagi and dipoles were taken down, cleaned up and packed ready for the move.  All the radio equipment will be boxed over the next day or so along with the remaining antennas, feeder cables, mounting brackets and so on.

That means no radio, apart from when mobile, for a little while....

Hopefully it will be worth it.  We are moving to a much larger plot of land, with a lot lower house density in the surrounding neighbourhood.  Ultimately this should help in three ways:

  1. I am hoping that the noise levels on HF shall be less.  The noise levels at the current QTH are pretty bad almost 24/7.
  2. Much more space.  I am intending to install two towers (my old tower from the UK and a recently acquired 'Nally' tower).  With the amount of space I can also position the towers away from the house to hopefully reduce pickup of noise from the house.
  3. Lots of tall trees.  Plenty of options for slinging wire antennas up nice and high - well away from the house.

Fingers crossed.





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