And the Yagi is back up again 

Monday, July 6, 2015 8:02:00 PM

Over the last two weekends I have managed to get my HyGain TH3-JRS yagi back up in the air.  

It has been packed away since prior to moving from the UK to Australia.  Very little maintenance required, just one PL-259 soldering job and some minor work on the antenna itself.  Pretty much tuned up exactly as it was in the UK when reassembled, lucky that I marked everything clearly prior to taking it all apart.

Installation wise, it has been mounted onto a 5.5 metre aluminium scaffold pole.  All said and done, including stub mast and rotator the yagi is about 6 metres in the air.  Not ideal of course, but 6 metres and operational is better than 0 metres and packed away in the box.

I will put some pictures up shortly.

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