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Friday, October 7, 2011 1:05:00 AM

Minor pause from playing Saints Row 2.

Currently playing the Battlefield 3 beta, on Xbox 360.  Thus far I have played about 2 hours on the beta map, Operation Metro.

Thoughts of the game thus far:

  1. Eye candy and attention to detail is excellent.  Watching another players red-dot sign wander around the screen is brilliant.
  2. Only four solider classes is OK.
  3. Overall player movement in the game feels less fluid than Battlefield 2.
  4. Prone is excellent, although it allows for copious camping.
  5. Being able to vault over obstacles is handy, but can cause combat issues as the animation sequence takes some time (as it would in real life).  I think this detracts a little bit from game play.

I'll give it a few more hours and might also download the PC beta in order to help with a final decision - purchase the game on Xbox 360 or PC...


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