Collins 1:1, ugly balun 

Sunday, July 3, 2016 8:48:00 PM

Not a great deal to report at present.  I recently completed a 're-winding' of the 1:1 co-axial balun in use with the HyGain yagi.  The previous incarnation was a simple 'air loop' and didn't look too pretty, although it worked, it was a quick fix at the time and left alone as it seemingly did the job.

Over the weekend I re-wound the balun over a PVC pipe former.  The co-axial cable is held in place with a series of cable ties and has resulted in around 12 turns of RG-213 cable in a nice neat fashion circular and uniform pattern.  As the cable was already terminated and water proofed, I had to be careful and ensure that nothing was disturbed.  Balun will be placed below the yagi and affixed to the stub mast when it goes back up in the air.

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